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I hate to sound all stupid for asking this question but I wanted to know if there was some simple way to fix unclosed sectors beside's doing it manually (even though I still can do it manually). I was wondering if Srb2 Doom Builder had a fix sector option in the tool's tab but all I found was fix map error's and when I click that there's no option that say's it can be fixed. All I see for the error is the description "The lines (sidedefs) that make up this sector do not entirely enclose the sector. This leak may cause visual artifacts and/or unexpected behaviour. The opening in the sector is shown near the highlighted vertex when you select this error." So if there's another way other then to do it manually I would be thankful.

Sometimes if I do it manually it messes up some of the other sectors sometimes linedefs even the graphics display in gameplay. That's why I wanted to know if there was any other way.
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I notice that if you first create sectors so that they're isolated from everything else, and then connect it with the rest of the level by moving the vertices so that they overlap, you can avoid some of Doom Builder's issues with unclosed sectors.

Some. Only some.


If you find the problematic sector or lines, you can manually edit the back/front sector definitions of the linedefs. That way, if you ever mess up a line somewhere for some reason, you can do that.

Of, there's also the chance that you might have a 0-length linedef, where a triangle that's home to a sector somewhere else is located in such a way where it has a linedef length of 0 in the triangle, making it look like a line that belongs somewhere else. In that case, the solution is to drag one of the lines by the vertice and put it back so that the vertices patch themselves and eliminate the triangle.

So, if you see a line that is out of place from it's home sector, drag it to check it, and if it's just a line, fix it by the front and back side of the linedef itself.

Each line has two sector numbers to tell which sector it's supposed to enclose. When a circle of lines with the save value point into an area holding the same number, it forms a sector, and you can have a area on either side of a line to define connecting sectors, ect. This also means you can draw line by line and custom-define your sectors, too. But it's faster to let a program take out all the meticulous work out for you, right?

Anyway, when you try to overlap sectors, you enclose the same area in two sector definitions. The renderer has a hard time trying to compute what to do in this case and the graphics get a tad glitchy. Doombuilder lets you do this, yeah, even though it causes an error. BUT, there are some instances where you would want to make a formation like that, so you could generate another sector in the middle so that you have three sectors, and have perfectly overlapped circles. Doombuilder was built to make the task of building the lines for you and setting the sector definitions as best as it can, it's not really built to help "bugfix" your map, because it can't just know what you want to do with your map until you do it.

Some people can make sector clashes for visual effects, and another friend of mine used an undefined texture to generate a HOM for visual effect. I'm sure you favour properness with the builder, and that's fine. I guess either the developers didn't have that mindset when they made Doombuilder 1, that or they didn't feel most people of the Doom engine community would have problems, maybe...
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