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Tyson Hesse Sonic (W.I.P)

Why would they do that? That's just pointless, just because you don't like the new version doesn't mean the creator will just go out of their way just to pander one person?
ok I could have rephrased that better but still, I meant it as a suggestion, as for the idea maybe it could be an alternative skin or something if the creator wants to, I just thought it would look cool as something you just have the option for, like the sketch-hog alt skin suggestion he posted
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I really liked the sprited and shaded 2.2 style they had, but it's their mod. I'm cool with whatever they want to do, the handrawn ones look great as well.
Yeah, it's their mod, they decide what to do with it, but TBH Tyson Hesse Sonic is looking more like a Junio Sonic 2, I still like the handdrawn sprites, don't get me wrong.

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