Trouble Replacing STARTUP.Imp With A Custom .Imp


In my game build I want to replace the image that appears on startup. To create the custom .Imp file. I converted the original to a .png and edited that file in GIMP. Next, I created a new .pk3 file in SLADE. Then I reimported the .png and then converted it back to a .Imp. (In my understanding this should preserve the exact size of the image) After I converted the file back to a .imp I created a new directory renamed it to Graphics and placed the .imp inside. I then save the .pk3 as Mod.pk3, and place its name in the auto.exc file, and launched the .exe. Upon launch, the default image was displayed. I'm not sure what the issue is. I have checked all of the files for spelling issues and found none. I did a similar thing with the GAMEQUIT.Imp and it worked perfectly.

Thank you for reading this far I would appreciate any help you can give.
autoexec.cfg is executed after the game has properly initialized, sometime after the game finishes loading and enters fullscreen or the appropiate window mode.
Your mod is being loaded too late.

By the way, it's not .imp like the demon, it's .lmp like the short for "lump".

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