Thoughts on sonic frontiers?


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Only thing that got me confused was the 100% award.One guy litreally said you could unlock Fleetway.


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What Is hybrid of infinite and gardevoir?


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I think this one is a bit of a coincidence with fan community,but Sage's name was inspired by a contest with same name.To be exact,Sonic Amatur Gaming Expo,or in short,Sage


its like breath of the wild but with more stamina and when you die it dose not take that long to load because breath of the wild had that

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Why so serious?
All I can say to this is I saw a meme of Super Sonic standing next to Sam & Vergil, so the soundtrack must be absolute fire.

It is exactly that.
ok, finally found the board.
The new sonic game is pretty decent. it has its "sonic moments" and some stuff look unfinished in a way, cyberspace levels affecting it the most. After all of that, it is pretty fun. Not a game that I am gonna praise but it has a lot of good intentions and directions for the sonic franchise to flourish.
I'll rate it a Sega hired this man/10
Might babysit Eggman's daughter again
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What Is hybrid of infinite and gardevoir? View attachment 79278
No, it's squares from puyo tetris 2 fused with Tatsumaki from one punch with a sprinkled of Rei Ayanami to form its voice and personality.
it's called the sadge. :welcometoreleases:

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