The Very Unofficial Vertex Slope Tutorial

The Very Unofficial Vertex Slope Tutorial


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Starman91 submitted a new resource:

The Very Unofficial Vertex Slope Tutorial - A guide on how to use Vertex Slopes in Zone Builder. Includes FOF slopes and midtexture tutorials.

This guide is really, really long, and this is just a shorter version of the original. The additional URL provided gives you the full version of this guide that you can read in Google Docs.

You’ve probably heard of Vertex Slopes (also known as VSlopes), the harder version of slopes in Zone Builder. This guide will teach you how to use them and master them as a very flexible and alternative tool to improve your mapmaking.

It is assumed you have already been...

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The way you showed Tag and Offset vertex slopes has a bit of a side effect

Anytime you align textures on that slope, it'll change the offsets. I fix this by putting all of my linedef 704s as single 128mp lines INSIDE the sector itself, to avoid any autoalign issues

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