The Sonic Unleashed Adventure Packs


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Oh boy, the Sonic Unleashed Adventure Packs



You gotta love em'

But, when they aren't fuckin spamming hazards to ludicrous degrees, they actually do some interesting things with the boost formula mechanics that I haven't seen anywhere else, to my knowledge.

All of the screenshots above and below are from the Generations ports of said packs (cause I don't have the adventure packs on my xbox, and I very much prefer Generations' controls compared to Unleashed.)
If you wanna try them yourself, Here are the links to said packs.
(most of them are youtube links, so check the description)
Empire City
Adabat (Patch)

Anyway here's some deathless runs of the Adventure Pack stages I actually really like.
(can't embed streamable videos so uhhhhhhhhhhh, click the links if you wanna watch said runs)

Windmill Isle Act 1-2:
Unlike the other X-2 stages (which is just a harder variation of the normal stage), this one does a bit more than that. Basically, you start off at the end of the stage and have to run the stage backwards, then forwards, with different obstacles every time.

Cool Edge Act 2-2:
Does some interesting things with the bobsled as well as the homing attack.
Basically, the homing attack challenges boil down to "Time your homing attacks right or die"

Cool Edge Act 4:
Probably my favorite adventure pack stage; Basically, you have to boost towards the jump ramps and steer yourself towards the next island in mid-air, with goodies waiting to be collected if you angle yourself just right.

Rooftop Run Act 2-2:
This probably shows off the "Time your homing attacks or die" design angle better. 2nd half of the stage is kind of a clusterfuck tho.

Dragon Road Act 2-2:
Aside from a few cheap hits, this one remains satisfyingly challenging without being too unfair. The curvature also allows you to see what's up ahead a lot better compared to, say, if the stage was a straight line.

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