"The Master Server is having issues again!"

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tl;dr We know. The Master Server's code is old, unstable and barely works, but we don't have the time to make a replacement as of yet.

The long story, from a previous post from months ago:

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For one, as you might be able to tell, SRB2.org's server is already having a somewhat rough time. I've been a little frustrated by it but there's little to nothing I can do about it, after all.

For two, the MS is pretty poorly coded -- much more so than the game itself -- and heavily reliant on things that a master server really shouldn't rely on. Like, for instance, this specific version of vBulletin. It's not even fully complete, and has been falling apart for a while.

Things haven't gotten much better over the past few months. I believe Alam has the Master Server set to restart twice a day to try to work around the issues we've been having, but obviously that's not an ideal solution. The person originally responsible for the Master Server, Cue, is long gone, so any chance of updating it without totally replacing it is out of the question.

The Master Server is also responsible for the update check, which works wonders when it actually cooperates, but when it doesn't you get garbage version numbers as a response. This does not mean you need to update, or that we're pushing a new version out.

Making new topics every time you encounter an issue with the Master Server does not help and only serves to clog up the forums. Keep all discussion in here, please.
As a side note, double check the Master Server by checking its page, or using Doomseeker to see what's up before going online in SRB2. Checking the MS through SRB2 when Offline can freeze the game for a long period of time.
I'm confused if its something in the game or the master server that is the main problem. :/
EDIT: And if sync is connected in any way.
The master server is just a list of servers advertised on the internet, it doesn't have anything to do with playing netgames themselves (or, for that matter, desynching in them).
You can, actually. There's nothing stopping you from running a server without the master server. It's just a convenience/community tool for netgames.
If i am correct. You can host with out connecting to the MS. Just share your ip with your friends so they can join but i dont know how
If i am correct. You can host with out connecting to the MS. Just share your ip with your friends so they can join but i dont know how

To host without MS, you gotta forward your ip to people who'd wanna join. Then they have to go to the Join (Direct-IP) option in the multiplayer selection and type in the ip. Then they can join.

Should be better explained at the wiki, but yeah.
Literally, every time I try to change the room (Casual, Standard, All), Srb2 just freezes and doesn't pull up the room select. The MB page also shows no servers up at all.
I have to ask, what is MASTERSERVER set to?

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I'm confused right now, no one is using a server or it's malfunctioning again?
Because my SRB2 (yes, the srb2win) crashes when I want to change room.
Just got 2.1.16, the master server is still not working for me, though. I even tried re-downloading and that did nothing. P.S, I am in Srb2win, because DD has no online.
Here we go again on my own...

Here's a few things you can do without the Master Server. Bonus points if you do all three:
  • You can still play single-player. I've played single-player for about 90% of the time I used SRB2. We have SUGOI, Tortured Planet, The Emerald Isles, the Mystic Realm, Acid Missile, and countless other levels in releases.
  • You can get together some friends and play SRB2 by sharing IP. Just go here and share your address. All the Master Server does is put your IP on a public list for ease of joining, everything else is handled by people.
  • You could read up the Wiki and make some levels, Lua scripts, or other content.
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[*]You could read up the Wiki and make some levels, Lua scripts, or other content.

This one i think is the best out of all of them since Making levels does take time to master and trust me its fun to do. Lua.... im not even sure about since i havent touched at all > _>
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