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This is kinda strange, but when I was looking in the manual of SRB2 I found an image of an unused sprite in the game, namely this:

What is it doing in there?


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Circa 1.08, there was an Elemental Shield that protected you from all forms of elemental damage. That's what it looked like. It no longer exists in the game, and it's properties have been dispersed between the other shields.

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Back in the old days, there was a elemental shield(green shield), instead of a fire and water shield. Later they were seperated. Now there's a blue shield to protect you from toxic and breathe underwater, and a fire shield that protects you from fire/lava and leaves firetrails.(The green shield did not have firetrails, but otherwise the fire shield would be underpowerd, if I recall)

They also added a wind shield that lets you double jump, which happens to be my favorite now.

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I look at the wiki everyday ( I am a member there to) and I looked at what the final looked like and it said that it would replace a certain sheld.


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Draykon said:
A-and, where did you here that?

Look at the 1.1 wiki topic. Duh.

Anyways, the old elemental shield will be back, resistant to toxics, heat, and electricity, and allow you to breath underwater and in space. Not like anybody uses space breath countdown sectors anyways. The wind shield will be slightly upgraded, and the attraction shield will no longer protect from electricity. The inferno and liquid shields will be removed.
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