The Ghoul's Forest

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darkness claw said:
Hmmmm.... It'd be pretty funny if you replaced the ghoul's head with the SPARTA! dude's head. When he chases you he shouts: MADNESS! And when he kills you he shouts: THIS IS SPARTAA! Lol.

....No, that'd just make it really pointless. Ghouls are ghostly ghoulish monster like figures which just scream, kill, and try to scare the crap out of people randomly.

I'm just glad that this mod+overdrive+zombies+spinspawn hasn't happened yet... This is a really good mod, if only the forest area was a little less bland, and had a little more scenery, it could be better.

If you played the original GH3, there was hardly any scenery except the boggy pond-like pit deep in the forest, another scenery object where you find the lighter (might be a rock), and the killed people on the steak scenery object. Other from that, there's hardly any scenery.
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