The Carbon Isles Spring 2024 ULDC

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Note To Self: Make Levels Detailed
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The Carbon Isles Spring 2024 ULDC - Whoever Wins Gets In The Official Carbon Isles!

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This Thing Is Kinda Lackluster Tbh, Hope You Enjoy These Like... 4 Levels...

Crawla Fields --- ZappaFurious
Wood Isle --- BlueTorch
Shiverstar Mall --- Avalice
Knothole Base --- Rosie The Raccoon
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But, There's A Caveat, Its Not A Collab, It's A Competition!

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It Is Your Job To Vote Which Levels Should Go To The Next Round, Via Stating In Either A Reveiw, Or In The...​

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The lineup here isn't the best but if I were mtoo choose knothole and wood isle would be my choosing shiverstar is well unfinished and crawla fields reminds me of oldc 22 r2 too much
imagine if crawla fields wasnt so FINAL DEMO CRAMPED then maybe it could have stepped up to wood isle and knothole

my pick is knothole

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