Texture alignment doesn't work in SRB2DB2

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Manual texture alignment in visual mode (where you use the arrow keys to align the texture properly) doesn't work in SRB2DB2, at least for me:


This is how it looks before I align the textures.


Here it is aligned, but when I test the map or just open the map again in SRB2DB2, the wall will be how it originally was (picture 1). If a wall has a texture offset of 0,0 and I press any of the arrow keys, the texture offset will remain 0,0. (example: I press "up", SRB2DB2 says: texture offset changed 0,1 , but the linedef menu will show that the texture offset is 0,0.

One of the solutions that I found was to do the manual alignment in the original DB2. But DB2 will change all the things' Z height to 0. And I also uninstalled DB2 recently... I can do this already on the linedef menu (if that's how is it called) but it's even more time consuming than what it is and having to close SRB2DB2 to open another map editor just to do this, is painful. Is there a way to solve this problem? I'd really appreciate it!

P.S. : that's just a test map that I did a few weeks ago, so don't bother about the map. I was too lazy to do new pics...
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