Supersonic Before the Super Sayan?

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Knuckles MetalMind said:
THat myth was only about a strange monkey and his stick... Not about a man with yellow hair and blue eyes :lol: First SSaiyan appearence was in 1991 :P But it´s not only a copy, it´s a wink, like Death Egg is ;)

Actually it was a myth about a man(supposedly a god)and his stick. His name was Son Goku also known as Goku, based on japanese Mythology.
At least thats what I read from a review with the writer of DragonBall,Z,GT,and AF.
Mmmm... I think that he was actually a monkey... And there was a pig too... If only I could find the screenshots I could be able to answer my doubts...


Not sure if someone has already pointed this out yet, but...

Both DBZ and Sonic were based off of an old Japanese legend. Neither copied off of each other, and therefore does not matter whichever came first. Yuji Naka may have been a DBZ fan, and he may have gotten the idea of Super-Saiyans from the anime/manga, but I am sure that he damn well knows about that legend. Looks like neither series are so original after all.

In shorter terms, Sonic did not copy DBZ, and DBZ did not copy Sonic. So there.


I'm telling you people, Super Saiya-jin has nothing to do with the legend.

You can read about the legend here, and if you want, read a portion of it. (Thank you Google.)

Basically, the legend mostly applies to Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z, and Super Saiya-jin, along with the golden spiky hair, was Akira Toriyama's idea and didn't come from the legend.

Also, why is it so bad if it came from DBZ, anyhow? It's more of a homage than a ripoff, as they certainly aren't trying to hide where it came from. One look at Super Sonic from the newer games, with his yellow aura flaming up, sorta removes all doubt in my mind of where it came from. After all, if it really came from the legend, wouldn't the artists draw it slightly differently ^_~


Check Revelation

The Sonic and Mario thing sounds Biblical. Think about it-seven Chaos Emeralds, Seven Stars, represent the 7 spirits that John talks about in revelation. Don't delete this post just because I'm a Christian......


Nah, it just turns out that 7 is a good number to use, because it sounds good and they line up nicely in a lot of formations =P

Remember that Sonic 1 had only 6 chaos emeralds, too. They upped it to 7 because it looked better, I guess.
And then they could be able to explain why Sonic couldn´t become SSonic in Sonic 1... A emerald was missing... And since them, in sms and gg versions, never were 7 emeralds ;)


In fact, super sonic has other diffrences to super saiyans.
1.super sonic is Invincibe to any attack, while super saiyans arn't.
2.super sonic can also breathe in space.

there might be more.....i'm not sure.


Hyper Sonic dosen't breath at all

Don't believe me? get all the super emeralds in Sth3+K, go to a water level, let the timer count down to 1 then turn to Hyper Sonic. run out of rings while still in the water and when you turn back to normal, you'll drown.


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Well duh, if you go in the water with Hyper Sonic at any time then you cant drown and Sonic is up in space in SA2/B!
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