Super Bomberman Blast... 2! (EXE) v1.50.4

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Right, a few years have gone by with very little progress being done to this project. Mainly due to lol personal reasons

As it stands, I've been working (Or at least trying to) on this in conjunction with SSB:SS. But this has been more of code cleanup and merging. From this version and the version on the SVN, there's not much of change except the usage of the SVN code.

My inspiration and motivation continues with this project as I continue to look back on it and play my DS version of BomberMan.

Since I last left this project, I've been working on the movement code since I realize that many people were complaining about it in the past. Of course with my little knowledge of coding, I've yet to figure out how I'm going to code some things in.

Like this for example, this is demonstrated in most bomberman games when you walk up to a wall or an object.

I can assure you all that a new version will come when it comes but it won't be for a good while. I'm just glad that some of you guys remember the project.
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