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Man this is absolutely wonderful.



I love it. ...Especially Vada's level. Holy damn.


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GoldenHog's level is so hard, i loved all the maps! so fun in fact i am at at the grand finale!

nearly all 28 maps done!

Edit: i was doing a solo plathough so it was harder
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Lol at The Final Boss, I Wasn't expecting an Anime girl .
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Kodachrome Void Zone was just about the craziest thing I've ever experienced. I loved it, but Boinciel must have been high when he made it.


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So... it has finally been released.

I personally didn't pay much attention at SUGOI at first, as I was dealing with other stuff, like finishing up my character, or cringing at my terrible FPS.

But now, with SUGOI officially released, and 2.1.16 fixing all my FPS problems, I could finally play this!

And my god, did I miss out on so much creative stuff.

First off, the hub is great, and the fact that it keeps the progress of your completed levels is amazing as well. Secondly, the levels themselves are amazing, and they range from Emerald Hunting to high speed action, general beauty, extreme exploration and even a Bouncy Castle, this pack has it all!
Finally, the fact that there's 2 different endings, many boss battles and overall hilarity in some parts makes this pack, for me, worth the 5 Stars its already holding.

Congratulations, creators! You people have made an absolute blast of a mod.

I also loved the contents of the 2 different endings.
The "bad" ending had an amazing build up, and the boss, (GIRL FROM AN ANIME PROBABLY), is actually a decent challenge. Even though I couldn't understand a single crap of what she was saying, she was a threat. The boss life bar is beautiful too, and it's definitely a surprise when she freaks out and goes all out on you when she's down to half health. Though the ending felt like a screeching halt, because of course, it's the bad ending; I did bad, I don't get happy stuff.

Now, the "true" ending... First off. Bioncel (And probably someone else too). What kind of drugs did you trip on to think of that level?! It was completely insane! I had no idea where to go, I ended up falling everywhere and even found Metal Sonic and fought him thinking it was the boss battle, to then notice that I was completely wrong, and kept going. The cutscenes though, is where this level shines... Along with the level itself. They were honestly funny and self-aware in all the right spots. I certainly didn't picture going through a mad man's rendition of a "forest", and certainly not Knuckles swearing everytime he spoke. I freaking loved it.

I demand an Anime Eyes Sonic boss battle though, I thought I was either gonna battle it or just get a better ending... After watching it I thought there was like a True TRUE Ending, because it looked like the worst possible ending. Unless it's good being an Anime. I've never been an Anime.


I have beaten every level.

I think I'm going to be sick from dizzyness.

Also, it seems that a good deal of these levels weren't designed for Tails in mind, considering the Gravity Well stage, where tails needed to go down a route that wasn't marked very well due to the other route being impossible to go through, considering his low speed, as well as the fact that well, its far too easy to just fly over everything. Then again, I suppose that Sonic would have the most playtesting, so... yeah.

Its still a good levelpack.

Even if there needs to be some indication as to what levels still have emblems to collect.
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This is due to a change in the way Emeralds are collected in SUGOI. Several levels in the pack had tokens in them, so 7 were chosen to be replaced with actual Emeralds, while the rest got big rings.
Next time, SUGOI needs a subsection for special stages. Might be hard to decide on a unified concept + seven maps with the kind of project it is, though. Maybe the concept could be decided beforehand and slots could be given out? Or maybe take the surplus stages and make them regular stages idk


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tried the final boss as super silver

broke the aura... i think (the pink aura shield didn't wear off over time)
blame his telekinesis

had to destroy it as HMS123311
.... profit?


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The pack is AMAZING! I'm glad that, I've contributed on this. NICE!


I hope you guys enjoyed my level!


Robotnik Park Zone was the type of stage I've been waiting for in SRB2. Good job with the other stages too!


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sugoi kawaii desu

I'm really proud of the community. Good job, everyone!
Excellent level pack, and an excellent highlight of several issues facing the Linux version of this game.

Multiple stages have no music. SDL_Mixer reports that it can't find any soundfonts. When I directly link SDL_SOUNDFONTS it to freepats or FluidR3_GM.sf2, it says the library wasn't built with mp3 support, which can't possibly be a proper error message. This is probably Ubuntu's own retarded libraries. I'll post a bug report if I can confirm it's SRB2's engine at fault.
The [non-secret] final boss is unbeatable on Linux due to a crashing bug. Looks to be related to sounds. Temp fix: start the game with -nosound, or hit toggle sfx in the options menu as you approach the boss. When I figure it out enough to identify the exact problem, I'll post a bug report in the proper section.

So yeah other than my issues, great level pack. The slopes really are a game changer.

Also, I was not ready for the absolute genius that is the true ending. And holy shit the true final boss blew my mind. I didn't even think you could do that in the SRB2 engine. Massive props.


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Yes something broke proper music playback on Linux, I actually tried to find the cause of it. With things as compiling new SDL2 Mixer, compiling new GME, changing SDL environment variables. I think something in the game broke playback support, and I haven't tested this last one yet. But maybe it's related to music slot change?


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Which are the stages that have no music? The levels use such a variety of music formats (none use MP3, though, so that error is weird) that it'd be useful to figure out what formats break and what formats don't.
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