[SRB2Kart]Setting up a SRB2Kart server.


Ok, so I'm setting up a SRB2Kart server which will use IPv4 connection. However, to do this, I need to modify my internet box settings with some port fowarding. Thing is : I 'm don't have a clue what I have to do to accomplish this. It ask me a service to use and an internal and external port. I know SRB2Kart use a certain port but I don't know if it's the good port to put in the settings.

Can someone help ?

Edit : Ok, I manage to figure out but I'm stuck on "Checking Servrer Addon List". What's that thing ?

Edit 2 : I just get rid of custom exclusion map file of the list and it work. Why can't I use custom files on my server ?!
I'm now stuck at requested to join anyway.

Edit 3 : I'm seriously an Idiot : I'm using the same port as my server ! No wonder it doesn't work !

Here, problem solved !
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