SRB2K Music Looping Help

[...] I've made sure that I got the correct loop points for all tracks, yet when I test them in-game, the loop point is very far off from where it's supposed to loop back to. [...] [Download link]
Your music tracks (at least one of them) have a sample rate of 48000 hertz. Since version 2.1.12 of SRB2 (which also applies to SRB2Kart), the "LOOPPOINT"-related methods of looping music has only properly supported music with a sample rate of 44100 hertz.

Either use "LOOPMS" instead of "LOOPPOINT" to set a loop point (in 1000ths of a second), change the music to have a sample rate of 44100 hertz instead of 48000 (while also adjusting "LOOPPOINT" to fit the new sample point to loop at... but if you'll have to modify the loop tag anyway, you might as well change it to "LOOPMS" instead), or do both of those things (which is the officially preferred option... even if vanilla SRB2 itself strangely doesn't do so).

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