SRB2JTE.exe: The official SRB to JTE conversion utility

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Current release: SRB2JTE 1.69.10

Let's try this again, shall we? :|
This is the thread for SRB2JTE, which at last release got 310 downloads before I took it down just now. SRB2JTE is the official SRB to JTE conversion utility, as programmed by JTE (whom the format was named after) over the last couple of years. Where'd you folks get the idea that it was some kind of game involving furry technicolor critters running around jumping on metal things?

In any case, as I am the driving force behind the project, it is important that you don't upset me. Bad things happen when you do so. I don't care about your ideas, I'm not listening to your suggestions/demands, and your "bug reports" are anything but helpful. I will make what I will make and you will either like it or you won't. End of story. Oh, please. Feel free to leave comments anyway. I'm totally listening to you and have all the time in the world to answer your every question. :|

The development channel, #srb2JTE, is now open to the public again for the time being. Should further problems occur, I will not hesitate to close it once more. The channel is not there for you to abuse it, it is not there for you to pop in for a half a minute whenever you feel like it, it is there to aid in development and use of SRB2JTE (the channel for SRB2FUN does not like SRB2JTE very much, as they are competing formats, unfortunately) and to inspire JTE to continue working.

This will probably be the last release for a while. I have other things I must attend to, other dreams I wish to persue... There is quite a sum of new features in this release, I hope you have fun discovering them all on your own.

Edit by Shuffle:
If you can't see anything in OpenGL, open the console and type "gr_fog 1". Everything is pretty much pitch black without it.

Edit by JTE:
... ... ... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. :|


Kart Krew™️
SRB2JTE is the best, and It always is unless your changes are added to SRB2 or another exe mod. :P
Yay for JTE trying again!
I'll test soon. Bit buisy right now though. :/

light dasher

This is cool, loads of pumkins evreywere, like halloween, is there a date thing that changes threw the season's?


Yeah... About that... You cannot "Activate" the "Menu" in SA City yet. Sorry.

Go ahead and guess what all the strange new wonders of the city are about if you like.


The wad is mere data. Meaningless without the exe.
Also, yes it does crash on occasion, I think it's related to bots somehow... I didn't bother trying to debug it as I was already far overdue for a nap, sorry.
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