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SRB2db -> ZB cfg fuckery [I](ohgodohfuckwhatamIdoing)[/I]


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I recently discovered that the old final demo / 2.0 era srb2 doom builder page was still up, and because I have nothing better to do decided to attempt and use it.

Yes. I tried making a final demo map in the year 2020...

It didn't get very far before I got my hands on a v2.0 cfg.
This is when I learned how much of a blessing Zone Builder truly is. Like, holy shit is SRB2db crusty as hell. Not sure what I expected, honestly. After struggling for a long while, trying to build a map without many of the options that I relied upon with Zone Builder, I finally gave up.

My next course of action: find a ZB config for v2.0...
As you might imagine my search ended empty handed. (What the hell did I expect to find LOL.)

So I settled at one last attempt... Make my own ZB cfg for 2.0 (holy fuck in retrospect while writing this I am being too persistent for my own good). Searches on the web revealed zero tutorials of how to write my own cfg for GZDoom Builder (aka Zone Builder)

Looking through the actual configs for both 2.2 (ZB) and 2.0 (SRB2db). They looked pretty much the same to me.


Of course, the 2.0 cfg threw a load of errors at me loading it in ZB.

I found some parameters that chose how it read the files, maybe making those match up would help... Nope. Otherwise, to my virgin eyes these two configurations were formatted relatively the same.


This begs the question, the reason I'm here. How does one go about converting a config for SRB2db to a config for ZB?

Making 2.0 maps in 2020 for the pure hell of it, especially with friends, sounds like an absolute meme-filled blast (and it's 100% not worth it but shut up LOL)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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