SRB2 v2.2.11 Patch Release

Maybe it might be the PC or OS itself. I tried to play Sonic World DX with a controller that worked fine in other games but not Sonic World DX as it seemed to have the left trigger constantly being pressed at all times with the controller connected. At that time, I had a version of Windows 10 that was kind of one you probably have never seen before, because of the circumstances of whatever laptop I was using. Maybe it was the OS, maybe it was the laptop itself.
My Sonic World DX doesn't work with a controller at all...
Was nice seeing uncapped added, it's a bit sad that the android port doesn't support 32-bit phones (for now), because i mostly play SRB2 on my phone now. Guess i'll wait for an patch that fixes the issue :threat:
35 fps was manageable but uncapped fps, yippie! Though, I really wish the unofficial mobile port was an excluded for the modded builds of srb2 being banned from multiplayer. I don't play on mobile but alot of people on mobile hate this update
Wait mobile can't play multiplayer?
Wait mobile can't play multiplayer?
yeah, since you need to be on the latest version to play on other servers, and the mobile version isnt being officially supported anymore, you just can't play other servers, or let people join your server if your on mobile

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