SRB2 v2.0.5 is now available!

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I never saw this coming, Thanks Srb2 Devs! But I have a question. Will wads from 2.0-2.0.4 work?


The game seems very laggy, even when it shouldn't. homremoval seems to be the main culprit, but there are also some places where it doesn't make a difference AND it's much laggier than in 2.0.4 AND it really shouldn't be laggy at all, such as at the title screen, when I bring up the menu and it darkens the whole screen.

Also, OpenGL is enabled in this build, but there's no fancy stuff like fades and the hardware options menu is MIA. Still perfectly playable, though, if you can get past the game-breaking rendering issues.


OpenGL shouldn't have been enabled in the build. Oh well. Another issue to fix!

And yes, we have had a few reports of the framerate issue. It might be a compiler thing or a combination of things.

In any case. Dishing out updates to SRB2 should be much better now.


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OpenGL shouldn't have been enabled in the build. Oh well. Another issue to fix!

Yes, because having a broken rendering engine that nobody's bothered to even fix for the past years should just be taken out instead of actually fixed.


Plus, it's optional. Nobody's gonna force you to use OpenGL mode.

I was expecting more, but hey... We can wait until 2.0.6!
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Nice if you can download the exe and not have it corrupt. I wasted 20 minutes of my life here damn.

Try Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then go to processes, then close the SRB2Updater.exe, if you tried downloading 2.0.5 with it before.

Trust me, that updater was what caused the exact same problem for me here. :/


Now that Roleplay is ENCOURAGED on the Casual Servers, Will there still be a ban on RP maps in the Message Board?


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I was kinda expecting to see the EggVaVa (See Instantsonic's deviantart) in Red Volcano Zone. Other than that. This is a great version of Srb2. I especially like the stuff you did to ERZ3.


Yes what you guys did to ERZ3 is just awesome and the new match level is awesome too along with all the other updates/fixes on the levels.

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Roleplay maps and roleplay games are two completely different things. Unless roleplay maps get their own Releases section (which I don't ever see happening), then yeah, they won't be released on the MB.

That said, I've been waiting for this a long time, and like the new additions that I've noticed so far. Keep up the good work, STJr!


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I had guessed 2.0.5 would be released very soon,and I was RIGHT.
Though the updater hates the IWAD...At least the patch...
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