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SRB2 Ports

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i was thinking we should have ports for srb2 so im making a offical topic

3DO - Anyone?
Adventurevision- Anyone?
Amiga- Anyone?
Amstrad CPC- Anyone?
APF-*1000/IM- Anyone?
Apple II- Anyone?
Arcadia 2001- Anyone?
Astrocade- Anyone?
Atari 2600- Anyone?
Atari 5200- Anyone?
Atari 7800- Anyone?
Atari 8-bit- Anyone?
Atari ST- Anyone?
BBS Door- Anyone?
CD-I- Anyone?
Channel F- Anyone?
Colecovision- Anyone?
Commodore 64- Anyone?
Commodore PET- Anyone?
CPS Changer- Anyone?
CreatiVision- Anyone?
Dreamcast- Anyone?
DS- Anyone?
DVD Player- Anyone?
e-Reader- Anyone?
EACA Colour Genie 2000- Anyone?
Famicom Disc System- Anyone?
FM Towns- Anyone?
Game Boy- Anyone?
Game Boy Advance- Anyone?
Game Boy Color- Anyone?
Game.com- Anyone?
GameCube- Anyone?
GameGear- Anyone?
Genesis- Anyone?
Gizmondo- Anyone?
GP32- Anyone?
Intellivision- Anyone?
Interton VC4000- Anyone?
Jaguar- Anyone?
Jaguar CD- Anyone?
LaserActive- Anyone?
Lynx- Anyone?
Mattel Aquarius- Anyone?
Microvision- Anyone?
Mobile- Anyone?
MSX- Anyone?
N-Gage- Anyone?
NEC PC98- Anyone?
Neo-Geo CD- Anyone?
NeoGeo- Anyone?
NeoGeo Pocket Color- Anyone?
NES- Anyone?
Nintendo 64- Anyone?
Nintendo 64DD- Anyone?
Nuon- Anyone?
Odyssey- Anyone?
Odyssey^2- Anyone?
Online-Only/Web- Anyone?
Oric 1/Atmos- Anyone?
OS/2- Anyone?
Palm OS- Anyone?
PC-FX- Anyone?
Playdia- Anyone?
PlayStation- Anyone?
PlayStation 2- Anyone?
PlayStation 3- Anyone?
Pocket PC- Anyone?
PSP- Anyone?
RCA Studio II- Anyone?
Redemption- Anyone?
Revolution- Anyone?
Saturn- Anyone?
Sega 32X- Anyone?
Sega CD- Anyone?
Sega Master System- Anyone?
SG-1000- Anyone?
Sharp X68000- Anyone?
SNES- Anyone?
SuperVision- Anyone?
Tandy Color Computer- Anyone?
Turbo CD- Anyone?
TurboGrafx-16- Anyone?
Unix/Linux- Anyone?
Vectrex- Anyone?
VIC-20- Anyone?
VirtualBoy- Anyone?
WonderSwan- Anyone?
WonderSwan Color- Anyone?
Xbox- Anyone?
Xbox 360- Anyone?
Zodiac- Anyone?
thanks gamefaqs!
So yeah. Wanna help? :wink:
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