SRB2 on Web Browser!

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Net play = Nope
iPad = Nope
It crashed two times and Safari prevented from trying again. But it is a beast at games...
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Is there a way to get move the camera with touch screen controls? Like swipe across the screen for left/right?

Not that I know of. Maybe ask the dev?

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I have a challenge! Make it work on Xbox! All you need to do make it work on the Xbox version of Edge and give it controller support!


I still make things! But a little more often now.
Very laggy. (Probably due to my potato of a PC...)

But it functions well! Nice job!
From mazmazz's update in the SRB2 Web Discord:

UPDATE: 06/18/2020

@everyone: The game is back up! Its new location is

If you have save data: Go to the old web site at to download your save data to ZIP. Then, you can upload it into the new website under "Mods".

Except if you're on iOS, then you can't export your data. Sorry; I tried to make it work frowning but you should still visit the old website to wipe your program data. Otherwise, it will waste disk space.

Latest Changes

- Fixed mouse issues; you should now be able to use the mouse without any grabbing issues. To use, click inside the game.

- Fixed touch camera controls; you should now be able to control the camera with touch. Swipe on an area of the screen that is not a button.

- Customizable touch controls; change size and position of the buttons, as well as add new controls. Pulled from the Android port; thanks Jimita!

- Improved stability on iOS. If you experienced crashes before, try running this newest version.

- We now default to Low-End mode, 200p resolution. You can switch it back in the Settings.


We may need to switch hosts one or two more times. We'll see how this one works out.

If you need any help, shoot me a PM.
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