SRB2 needs SFX, badly!

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Hey, guys! SRB2 is quite lacking in a sound effects department. We've been needing a few more sounds for a while, so I decided that we should involve the community in this. This is your chance to contribute to SRB2, guys!

Here's a sample list of what actions/occurences need sound effects:
* ) Enemy movement/firing
* ) Eggmobile sfx
* ) Fired weapon rings
* ) Wind
* ) Jet engine
* ) Switches/buttons
* ) Earthquake noises
* ) Falling rocks
* ) Fire ambience
* ) Underwater player movement
* ) Ambience of ANY sort. Be a little creative here.
* ) Anything else missing so far.

It isn't just limited to that list, either. Feel free to donate a sound effect(s) that you just feel needs to be in SRB2. Just be sure to mention where/when the sound effect should be used. Who knows, it may just be added...

Feel free to donate anything you've made yourself, or anything from a particular program/game that you think is suitable. There's no requirement that you HAVE to make the sfx yourself.

Requirements to submit:

* ) All submissions must be sent via private message to the SRB2sfx account, linked here: Link. Any PMs sent to my account will be deleted on sight.

* ) Wav files, please.

* ) You must say where exactly the sound byte came from. Just saying the game/program isn't enough, I'm looking for the action corresponding to it. For example, saying "Mario's jumping noise from SMB3" works, where as just saying "It's from SMB3" isn't.

* ) PLEASE, follow the naming convention with the files. (DSxxx##)

* ) This isn't a requirement, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you didn't send us any rips from Sonic 1-3. We've just about taken as many sound effects from the classic games as we can, we're looking for something a bit different here.

Don't feel afraid to submit more than one. Submit as many times as you see fit!

Submissions that are accepted will get a response PM.

Submissions will end when we feel that we have enough of them.



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I can think of a few other areas where SRB2 really needs sounds... In THZ2, the switch is activated silently, and there is no noise to represent the door opening. I would imagine that any number of switch and door sfx would be handy, both for SRB2 and for modifications... its just more aesthetically pleasing.

I think a lot of the old games (other than Sonic) also had sound tests, so it would probably be easy to browse through a few of them and see what kind of sounds would be effective... (Ristar, Vectorman?) though if it is a Sonic game, I'd imagine that would be an already-exhausted resource.

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Well, I sent mine in. I wonder if I'm the first to do so?

Also, this is bugging me; SRB2 uses 8-bit Wav files for SFX, yet you're asking for 16 bit files. Does this mean 1.1 is going to be using 16-bit sound effects, or did you just mess up when you specified the formatting requirements for submissions?


<strike>We just want 16-bit wav files, thanks.</strike>

EDIT: Well, apparently I'm a blithering idiot - Prime 2.0 is right. My sincerest apologies.


Thanks, InstantSonic. Some of those sounds pretty good.

We still need more people to come out and donate whatever sfx they have lying around, or any sound bytes from some game that they can rip and send our way.


I gave four sound effects I made..
I hope they come in useful.
Why do you want it with a lowered rate? D: That totally destroyed the sound quality.


Because that's what Doom sounds need to be. It would be incredibly awesome if SRB2 could do better, though.


Something my music composition teacher pointed me to:

It is basically like the "YouTube" of sounds. I have not looked in here extensively, but there might yet be something in here we can use.


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I'll send some in a few minutes, I've got some sounds I can send.

But can they be in 16-bit? It's the lowest sample rate I can have them on.


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daiches99 said:
I could try to get some SFX from Sonic Unleashed for the 360 like jumping in shallow water or something...

Could be useful for an adventure mod if it still gets included.
And I suck at making sound effects, so don't get aything from me.
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