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SRB2 Modding Portal.


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SRB2 Modding Portal
*pssst, that underlined text is the link to the site*​
For ease of access to useful links, tutorials, tips and tricks for various ends of modding, I have set up a chain of Google Docs to help people out. I attempted to stylize it like srb2.org.

Give me links to add and such. This is still in its beginning phases. At the moment the site includes links for mapping and scripting, although I have a page for spriting in the works as well.

It would be useful if you put suggested in this thread, as well as telling me which page you want them on. I'm open to any changes, so feel free to voice them.
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This is a great resource; thanks for putting this together! The scripting section has helped me understand Lua a little bit more.

By the way, this thread should really be pinned.

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