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SRB2 Kart gets thrown into chaos by a pink... halfbreed?

Coming from Gensokyo is this asshole a thread involving bringing my OC "Adelaide Brenda" who's a halfbreed of Foxgirl and Catgirl into SRB2 Kart.

The attached image is literally the only sprites of her that's currently done being her Signpost/Goal Plate/Goal Sign art and Minimap Marker.

The stats I picked out for her are a speed of 4 & a weight of 2. The only thing that the alternate palettes would change is simply her kart & minimpa marker colors. with the default for her being "Rosy". Why? I dunno. I just really want to keep her pink and have the kart be what changes per-pallete. As for the minimap marker. I thought it'd be hilarious to see a random cat next to all of the heads that the minimap markers usually are.

Though installing her does change a handful of songs. Below are the changes.
  • CHALNG becomes "Here Comes A New Challenger!" from Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
  • KBLOSE becomes "After The Good Fight (Game Over)" from Castlevania Bloodlines/Castlevania: The New Generation/Vampire Killer
  • KBOK becomes "Miniboss Defeated!" from Gunstar Heroes
  • KBWIN become "Stage Clear" from Shinobi 3
  • KSTART is slightly longer from it's vanilla conterpart as it adds the Mario Kart 64 race start fanfare afterwords.

sorry i don't know how to properly start off a thread here. ;-;

When she's done being made I'll probably just dump the files with no wad or pk3 because I'm doing this... From a Chromebook.


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