SRB2 DS port may work with DS RAM expansion pack


Literally what the title says.

Just for some info Nintendo released a RAM expansion that was in a GBA looking cartridge that would go into your GBA card slot of your DS. It was used for some applications, and gave you 12MB of RAM.

I remember hearing that they actually made an SRB2 port but it didn't work because it ran out of ram, so what I think is maybe with that RAM expansion an SRB2 DS port would work? I'm guessing we could use 1.09.4 as the base.

However, if this 12MB doesn't work... 3rd parties have options for more RAM, up to...


Yep, that much. I'm pretty sure SRB2 would work with that much, as that's how much RAM the Wii has!

So this is why I think a DS port for SRB2 would work, with some expansion packs.
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The Wii have 64MB of RAM(that wasn't enough for 2.0) and I don't think these third-party stuff work well(like lacking compatibility).

There is probably a way to make it work and it's by optimizing the game for the NDS.

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