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SRB2 Doom Builder 2 Config- V1 RELEASED

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SRB2 DB2 (made by Kalaron) Configuration for Vanilla SRB2 has been made!

  • A configuration for SRB2DB2, without the clutter and confusion of all the other SRB2CB stuff!
  • Not many spelling mistakes anymore as well as a bit more like the SRB2DB config.
  • Other small things to make it neater and smaller.
Upcoming Features:

  • Texture themes stored when selecting textures for quick access to those certain themes without having to remember dodgy texture names.

Special Thanks:

  • Kalaron: for making SRB2DB2
  • SRB2 staff for making the SRB2DB config
  • Spritcrusher for helping fix this up for a proper, not half-assed release.

Old Version for regular DB2

Doom Builder 2 is a program that develops WAD levels on XP, Vista and Windows 7. There hasn't been any configs yet for DB2 so I created one for SRB2 2.0.4. Also, I created one for 1.09.4, but that's oudated now. Now here are the links.


21/03/11- Released the first version of the Doom Builder 2 config comeplete with proper linedef effects and combining sector effects.

01/01/10- Released 2.0.6 config, included updated things, working on linedefs.

24/9/11- Released 2.0.6 SRB2DB2 Configuration with a few updates to the old version.


Get Doom Builder 2 here.
Get the DB2 Config V1 here.
The download you want:Get the SRB2DB2 Vanilla COnfig here
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Wait...Why is it for people who want to edit levels using 7/Vista?
I'm using Vista and all the other map editing programs work perfectly. :/


DB/SRB2DB, SRB2WB and DB2 all work with XP/Vista/Windows 7, though you might need to download some drivers or something to make the former three programs to work in Vista/Windows 7.
Well, the config file DOES need some very minor updating. Linedef Type 450 (Trigger Tagged Linedef Executor) and Linedef Type 13 (Heat Wave) are missing.


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Wait...Why is it for people who want to edit levels using 7/Vista?
I'm using Vista and all the other map editing programs work perfectly. :/

Then I must be doing something wrong or somthing. Because most of the time when I save in SRB2 DB on my vista, it gives me ths:

But anyways, I might give this a try...


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Well, the config file DOES need some very minor updating. Linedef Type 450 (Trigger Tagged Linedef Executor) and Linedef Type 13 (Heat Wave) are missing.

I haven't bothered putting the the linedef types in yet since they take a lot of work to put in, but it's impossible to get the multiple sector combinations right now, so that'll be easy to fix at the moment. The linedef types have now been made with the same formula as the things, so that'll be a pain.

Edit: I got the sector types done, now for the linedef types, I'll do those in a separate file.
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I have the sector types done (just needed to get rid of a few groups) and I'm up to the Linedef Executors on Linedefs. This should be finished in no time. The things are just copypasta from the SRB2DB one, so that makes things soo much easier.

---------- Post added 10-05-2009 at 12:45 AM ---------- Previous post was 10-04-2009 at 11:04 PM ----------

Double Post.

After forgetting the terminator symbols for nearly all linedefs and forgetting a quotation mark, I have the finished the Doom Builder 2 Config!

Get your Doom Builder 2 Config!

Link to the Config.

I'll update the first post now.


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How do I add the config file?

Just get the file and place it into the Doom Builder 2 Programs Folder. Inside there, there is a Configurations folder. Then just put it in there.

There will be an error if there is something wrong with the config, but there shouldn't be, unless you put it into the SRB2DB folder.

BlazingPhoenix said:
This should be moved to editing and stickied :(

Something tells me that will be unlikely. :<
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Shadow Hog

Well, it's in Editing, so you're already half of the way there. I'll only sticky it if I honestly think it's worth it after giving it a whirl, though.

I do kind of wish Visual Mode was a little less jerky, though. Moving around goes at like 3FPS, while turning around is smooth as silk. It's very inconsistent!

Also, regarding the Sector Types and how they merge - go look at ZDoom's config, since it has a very similar drop-down menu system that merges various factors together to get the correct sector type. You'll have to put up with DB2 claiming the sector types are undefined, but it's a small pittance.

Lastly, the texture sorting could really use some work. It's still trying to sort the textures into the Doom 2 categories, which doesn't really work - and while I see you tossed on a GFZ category, that's just one small step toward getting it all done.
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Oh hey, I only just noticed this topic--can't believe I didn't see it before--and tried looking at some levels in DB2.

If you ask me, DB2 is a cool way to view your levels' floor textures at a glance, and its Visual Mode is awesome, but that's really all it's good for. It's not fine-tuned for SRB2 the way SRB2DB is. It doesn't render FOFs, it doesn't show the blockmap limits, it doesn't automatically jump to your preferred loading preferences, it doesn't have all sorts of things that are pretty important for smoothly making SRB2 maps. I don't even see a Switch Map command in File. Until we get SRB2DB2, I'm sticking with the standard SRB2 Doom Builder.
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It would be nice if someone came and fixed a few errors in this config(Missing thing sprites and I'm sure there's other errors), otherwise it's pretty useful and works for general mapping.


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I don't since when this Topic have been created, but if there is only the 1.09 version for DB2, I think that there is a convert map thingy on srb2.org... So I think that if I make a map ,I can still convert it into 2.0, right?...

DB2 is awesome for building and SRB2DB is kinda hard to use...(It's the same thing but with less detail T.T)

I'm subscribing and I hope that there will be a new config of DB2 soon. =3

EDIT:Huh???...Its named 11 but the version is 20...You should change the name at least XD
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You've bumped some old stuff of mine. I'm not even sure people know about DB2 anymore, let alone if I should update it for 2.0.6. I think I lost it some time ago when my computer crashed but it's definately doable. When this came out, it had popularity for around, oo, five seconds? I doubt people are going to download it again if I update it.


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Edit: I'm aware this is a double post, I did this to be able to inform people of the update.

Okay, I have updated this for 2.0.6 (or the newest config), it may not have many changes with the only changes so far are extra items. But I have started to create the new linedef type organisation based off the latest SRB2 config for SRB2DB.

I apologise I didn't notice that this was bumped in June, I feel really stupid now.
But I'll still try and update this, even after a year of it being created.
So without further ado...

The newest Doom Builder 2 Config for SRB2 2.0.6 has been released in its first beta.
Download here.

Please give criticism and please inform of any spelling informalities or thing glitches. Don't inform me of any linedef glitches as these will be worked on. The sector type combination is also being looked into as it is featured in the ZDoom config. If you have any information on how it works, please inform me through replies or PMs.

PLease enjoy this config and I hope it works well for people who use Vista/7.
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