Splitscreen 1-up music bug when one player is dead

Turret 49

When in Splitscreen mode, if a 1-up's jingle ends while one of the players is dead, the level's music doesn't come back, unless certain things happen depending on who is dead:
  • If Player 1 is dead, simply respawning restarts the music entirely.
  • If Player 2 is dead, first they need to respawn; after that another 1-up jingle, or the super sneakers or invincibility theme needs to be played for the music to fade back in.
If the dead player doesn't respawn and super sneakers or invincibility are grabbed, the 1-up jingle erroneously plays again when the powerup ends.
Super sneakers and invincibility don't stop the level's music while a player is dead, only the 1-up jingle does.

(Sorry if the videos are quiet, I play at a relatively low volume)


  • ss1upbug-p1dead.mp4
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  • ss1upbug-p2deadsneakers.mp4
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  • ss1upbug-extra1upjingle.mp4
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