[SP] Vixuzen Votes - OLDC 2021 Round 1


My votes for the current OLDC, again, with my PB times added.

1.Lava Temple by Vixuzen - 2:06:60
I'm honestly kind of disappointed that many people seem to miss the upper path. I guess I should've made the "climbable bones" clearer as well. People seem to have trouble with the score emblem but I really don't see it - I always get it first try but I guess that's to be expected, since I made this level.

2. Falcon Emissary Zone by InferNOr - 2:24:17
This level is kinda like Titanic Monarch to me. I didn't like it at first but each time I played it, I liked it more. Speedrunning this stage is really fun with most characters and, considering the general nature of Sonic games, I think that's one of the most important factors. While the level looks kind of bland at times and the enemy placement could use some work, I think this is honestly the best stage in this OLDC.

3. Abyss Caverns Zone by yyeellooww7 - 0:44:65
Short but sweet. A little too short, though. I like the setting, although the random lava/ice section seems kind of out of place. Would love to see an expanded version of this level.

4. Hollow Hill Zone by Othius, Inazuma & Spectorious - 0:59:37
This level is big. Too big. While the level itself looks amazing and the inclusion of multiple paths is always welcome, the gameplay itself was kind of lacking at times.

5. Mercury Mine Zone by Rexeljet - 1:57:65
Cool level. Not sure why the Amy emblem doesn't show on the radar, though. The mercury-falls are a bit too fast and come too frequently, making dodging them a bit too hard.

6. Zaxel's Thunder Yard by Zaxel - 2:47:77
This level is pretty long. There are some interesting gimmicks, like bombs being attracted to the electric shields but they can be quite annoying when you don't see them coming. The inclusion of not one but TWO troll exits is a bit of an overkill. 2000 rings and 300k points may seem terrifying but the sheer abundance of rings, as well as some secret areas with loads of them makes up for it. The enemies, on the other hand... I really dislike all of them. The green spiders blend in with the mostly green ground and their small size makes them annoying to deal with. The elementals have this annoying -never know when they'll attack- movement, which sometimes snipes you out of the air into the pit and the new jellyfish enemies seem to exist only as score fodders. Except when you attack them they go full-berserk mode on you and I got hit by every single jellyfish that I tried to kill, which made me not even want to touch them without a shield. Some of the passages are a bit small.

7. Ridge Rapids Zone by particle - 0:25:48
This level is pretty fun, although the invisible walls at the highest points is quite annoying. The level ending at the spring is a nice touch.

8. Teal Tundra Zone by SunCyclone - 1:13:74
This level is just bland. That's not necessarily a bad thing but I wish there was a bit more substance to this level.

9. Ante-Station Zone by Twins'R'Okay - 3:04:00
The concept of this stage is very cool but the perspective makes certain jumps way harder than they should be. Also, the level at times feels like "hold right for x seconds to win".

10. Blizzard Bastion Zone by PhilJFou - 1:49:14
Some variety in the textures would be nice. Other than that, this stage is fine, not bad but also not great.

11. Fort Sunset Zone by DylanDude - 1:09:54
While I appreciate the idea of a collect-a-thon type of level, this stage gets repetitive really fast. It's small and mostly mirrored and, while the coins respawn, the fact that you lose all of your progress by getting hit is something that should be kept in mind when designing a level like that.

12. Bombastic Beach Zone by Shapeshifter Boi - 0:12:02
This level is probably the shortest Sonic level I've ever seen. Seems more like a proof of concept than an actual stage. The bumper chains are annoying to navigate and lack of incorporation of the bubble is pretty disappointing.

13. Music Mash Zone by WasifBoomz - 1:09:25
The music is almost inaudible and the fact that you need to put a seizure warning should've been a clear sign that the textures should have been changed. The level itself is ok. The inclusion of Hypertower and Aquatic Port is a pretty neat idea but it seems completely out of place.

14. Koopa Kastle Zone by Glaber - 2:37:68
This level is pretty bland. I know that in Mario games lava kills you instantly (unless we're talking about the superior™ 64-esque games in which they just hurt you) but it seems like an artificial way of increasing the difficulty. But what makes me place this level so low is the Brak fight at the end. I honestly don't understand why some people feel the need to place some of the last bosses in their OLDC entries.

15. Drenched Dam Zone by Voidy2246 - 0:29:37
Level concept is fine. The execution though... Just why are there so many invisible walls? Why do I randomly enter a zoom tube with no indication of it being where it is? And most importantly: why are those propellers at the end so hard to navigate? I would've placed this level at the bottom, if not for it's saving grace - that being multiple paths here and there (and especially the path that lets you skip those propellers).

16. Emerald Glade Zone by DoodlesYT - 0:15:20
It's pretty obvious this is the creator's first level. It's pretty hard to say what to fix, considering general lack of substance. It's just a giant arena (that looks like Sonic's head, btw.) with random set pieces here and there. There's too much enemy spam and some pieces (like the one in the Spring Shell Pit) are way too frustrating to get. Have some fun with the geometry next time.

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