Sorry SSN, i forgot to release (wizardsonic.wad)

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Silent_Snipe said:
Indy94 said:
What Do You Mean?
You can't release recolors in the forum as it has a lack of quality, only very little are accepted and that's because they have had alot of effort put into it

I think Indy only meant he was gonna use the recolor as his default character for youtube movies and stuff. I don't think he was gonna bother posting something He's gonna use as his guy. It's like Eblo. His character is a Yellow-Stripe Shadow. That's his character. So obviously Indy would be like Eblo and use a Recolored Wizard Sonic as his guy. Also, you kinda back-seat moderated, Silent_snipe..


Yea My person...I Mean Hedgehog Is Yellow Skin Sonic Like Eblo Color Yellow Skin Shadow
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