Soo, The project 2d mod ....

Hello , I am the creator of Project 2D and I am glad to see that people are
trying and commenting on my mod, It's nice to know the flaws of the mod , So I know what to fix
and I kind of want to explain how this mod got sent to the public , Soo we need to go back 2 months ago
I was just trying to beat srb2 again (I had lost all my progress), Well I got to Egg Rock Zone act 2 and I had always loved
the 2d section of the stage and I found it fascinating for some reason . And one day, I had a strange Idea "What if I made
a bunch of 2D stages as homage to the games factory era of srb2" , So a day later I started working on Zone Builder
now I am not a srb2 level editing master , The only stuff I know is just how to make floor, platforms and water (without color map) , So that meant my levels weren't
really impressive , And I knew that well, But that didn't stop me from at least trying, So I looked at the wiki for some editing tips (since the wiki is REALLY helpful)
and then I got to work, I mainly worked on the mod when I wasn't doing any thing on online school , And while I was working on this I had you tube channel and a website
(These will come into play later) , and they were just kind of on the side , On my you tube channel I had some gameplay and a weird cheesy series named "Sonic's Random Adventure"
and most didn't gain a lot of views , Which didn't bother me to be honest, And I have a website , Which also didn't have much (The only thing that was really on there was just pictures I drew when I was bored and what was ever new on my you tube channel), So while I was working on Project 2D, I was also working on a you tube channel and a website, So a month later a had made enough
levels to probably put in a demo, Well while I was working more on the mod I also got srb2 mb (message board) account , and I wanted to post something on there
But I don't know how to make characters (I've tried once but it didn't work), I'm not good at LUA or SOC mods and I'm not good at color palate (And most of the color pallets I had in my mind already existed, and I did not want to rip people's work off)
So I had one option left ,The project 2D mod, So I had decided to post that (Note: my real first stage I tried to post was this doom like stage meant for the Tails guy mod but it was very bad)
And I waited and I waited and I Waited for the runners of the Message Board to approve my mod ,And finally one day I got a message and it was rejected .
I wasn't surprised by this, I was more expecting it to happen , Remember like I said before I didn't know much about srb2 level making, And the mod still had tons of bugs and glitches , So pretty much after that I really didn't know what to post anymore and I had left my account to the dust, But while I had got rejected and I had left my account,
I still wanted people to at least be able to try it, So I had an idea , I would go post the mod on my website because
1. I have no where else that I can think of posting at .
2. It gave my website a bit more purpose

So I posted it and made a small trailer to show people my mod
and it was the most viewed video on my channel

And I think that raps up most of the stuff here , Now I am still working on project 2d and I am fixes some bugs and glitches that plague the mod, also if your looking for a better 2D experience
you should check out BST's sonic robo blast 1 mod , There way better than my levels and you should check them out and I know I mentioned that I didn't want rip any one off on this thing but I didn't
know that this mod existed and I didn't want to work way to hard just to quit .

Well I think that's all wanted to say, I hope everyone has a great day and I will just work and wait until another spectacular mod appears on the Message board
this is Sank the Hank signing out !!!

P.S: Sank the hank is my name I use on srb2 online play and for my mb account name, My you tube and website name is called The fan lover .

My you tube:
My website:

Also I don't exactly know if should have went to the modding section , I just decided to put it here .

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