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Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress




Just drawing something Sonic related.
Finally! I´m so happy, that this project isn´t cancelled. Let´s go! Good luck.


Dumb Mouse with Scarf Friend
I really wonder if there's enough from Sonic X to be distinct enough from the others in the MB

How he gonna play
Heres some of my ideas. The ring dash: sends him flying just like in sonic x. Wall run and a dark sonic transformation. Also god damnit it’s like basically every character idea has been taken lol. I was thinking of this mod as an idea

snoc the head

funny guy
I really REALLY hope he has abilities based that are unlocked by getting Chaos Emeralds.
Either way, glad to see he isn't cancelled


Cobaltn't 's Unwanted Twin, The Sapphire Blur!
wait! Solar, is X Sonic gonna have Dark Sonic as a Secret Form? or just Super Sonic?

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