Sonic Superstars: What's Your Opinion?

They're both good
So what your saying is that Modern Sonic is good even though it has many bad games. Sure,Generations,Unleashed,Sonic Adventure duology and GBA games (except Sonic 1 Genesis) are perfectly fine,but other games are just meh.

At least its toleratable with Classic Sonic because its having the gameplay formula we know since 1991,but Modern Sonic had 3 gameplay formulars,only one being the formula i like (thats the Adventure formula we had since Adventure 1 until Unleashed came),and others are not that fun (Boost Formula and the Lost World formula).
Battle Mode is canon now

Battle Mode looks so fun I've always wanted something like this in an official sonic game.
I think battle mode will be like on competition mode from sonic 2.
Or what will be looks like battle mode in sonic game?
I like the new animation they did for the game (SPOILERS IF YOU DIDNT WATCHED IT YET),where we get to see Eggman,Fang and Trip finding some sort of secret underground ruins. Its also here that we learn a bit of personallity from each of the 3 villains:

- Eggman goes straight to the point of what he's searching,and doesnt want to be involved with whatever shenanigans with Fang and Trip happen
- Fang thinks he has the most credit,feeling like he defeated that giant snake all by himself (which is not true,since Trip helped him)
- Unlike the other two, Trip feels sad for the snake that was defeated,giving her somewhat of a personallity like Cream The Rabbit
hella excited honestly, trip seems to not even be evil really and fang is a major character again after like 2 decades or smth
also battle mode is cool (METAL TAILS IS REAL AHH) and im preparing to beat up people as metal knux (oh yeah hes here too)
Modern Sonic = bad
Ok il this is a late reply, but classic sonic isn't always good. For example the 8bit games aren't that great, classic sonic in forces sucks, sonic 1 and cd aren't exactly bad but they aren't *that* good, and sonic 3D blast is like ok. Both classic and modern have their misses but the highs are really really good
Can we all agree that IGN has made a bad review of Superstars? They litreally did few bad reviews for games (how in the hell could they leave Sonic 4 EP.I with the rating of 8),but this is just nonsense. You can watch the YT video by The Sonic Show for proof.
Can we all agree that IGN has made a bad review of Superstars? They literally did few bad reviews for games, but this is just nonsense. You can watch the YT video by The Sonic Show for proof.
Eh, I don't care what IGN or any other game journalist reviews about Sonic games nowadays (mostly because it's always trash (Not Sonic 4 because I like that game) ) but DEADASS, not understanding the main Sonic Formula and making it a negative point is fucking mind boggling, it literally shows game journalists don't know anything about Sonic games.
From what i've seen, The game is buggy, The music is a mixed bag, The level backgrounds are bland, And it all around feels unfinished. Would expect nothing more out of the Balan devs, But I would still play it. It looks like something fun to play with your friends. As long as the game doesn't start lagging.
Thoughts on Superstars? I like it!

I just wish Jun Senoue didn't kill off the music. His music in that game is just putrid; a good example is Fang's theme song.
Tee Lopes, on the other hand, nailed his music pieces; Bridge Island and Speed Jungle are two highlights.
Music and Bosses are easily the worst parts of the game. The stuff not done by Jun is fantastic but the bosses drag on for far too long and too many have instant kill attacks that send you back to the beginning. Overall a disappointment for me.
I did a multiplayer playthrough with a couple of friends. The game is fun but it definitely has issues. It's a bit buggy, the way multiplayer is handled is less than ideal (getting off-screened is very easy and the camera seems to choose who to follow at random, with whoever it's not following being forced to respawn which makes gameplay feel rather disjointed), only one player can be Super at a time, etc. I feel like the game is overall good, but it needs some bugfix patches, the Steam version really has no business forcing Epic Games crap on its users, co-op should have a proper split screen option, and some other issues and nitpicks and such.

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