Sonic Robo blast 2 Chinese forum?


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everybody! I created a very convenient shortcut for domestic srb2 players! Of course, more than that, we may sometimes discuss ideas such as Sinicization. In addition, we will teach srb2 players to download mod from the official forum! And let them make mod by themselves! Why would you ask me? I am a Chinese mainland game player. I want SRB2 to be on the mainland.
Although using the domestic QQ (plagiarizing the channel system of discord), I don't think it's a bad thing to promote srb2 in our country. Although the vast majority of domestic players use mobile phones to play, I also know that the srb2 on Android has stopped... But it doesn't matter! In addition, you are also welcome to come here to discuss srb2 and help domestic players make mod! (because I don't have a computer, I can't even make a map)
Of course, it is still in testing.
I really want to see my own addons appear in China, so although I can't make them, I hope high-quality addons can also appear in China. In addition, I also hope that domestic srb2 will become a circle!
Of course, you can ignore this forum.
In short, I am happy to set up srb2 Chinese forum! But if you join, it will be a little troublesome.
Have a nice day!


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