Sonic 2, Total 3D Remake!

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To keep it short, it seems that Sonic is receiving a heck of a nice 20th Birthday present, but not from SEGA, but from the fans themselves, it is not a lazy-ass work, but a big project that is being worked on, and to be honest, I would pay Sonic 4´s price for this game.

But what is the game? Nothing less than a Sonic 2 remake, this time with full HD 3D graphics aswell as other effects, scenery lightning and decorations. The name "Sonic Fan Remix" a pretty simple name for such a great project, if you saw the Sonic & Knuckles 3D Mushroom Hill Zone video and liked it, you´ll love this. While the game is still not complete, it provides a fun experience and hopefully will be done for Sonic´s 20th or 21th Birthday.

It has almost the same gameplay as Sonic 2, but superior in all aspect´s quality, how do I know how the gameplay is? ´Cause I´m playing the Demo right now... With an Xbox controller.



So, whatcha´ think?
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