Something Mildly Interesting in Knuckles Chaotix

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So, I'm finally playing Knuckles Chaotix and am generally hating it. But that's another post for another thread.

Anywho, I was wondering if this has happened to any of you who have played the game. The player partners with other characters, the two losers of which are Heavy and Bomb. I'm playing Amazing Arena with Bomb, and I happen across the hologram miniboss. I toss my partner into it twice and it's destroyed.

Thing is, I intentionally beat the miniboss previously with Knuckles as my projectile, but it took four hits to do the job. Has this happened to anybody else? Did the programmers take into account Bomb's... explosive attributes by giving him more attack power? Does this work for bosses too? If it was intentional, then I have a wee bit more respect for the makers of this game.

EDIT - Okay, I just beat the miniboss again using Bomb, and it took 3 hits this time. I was on the 5th Act... Perhaps the number of times needed to hit the miniboss depends on what act of Amazing Arena you're playing?

The plot thickens...
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Hm...interesting indeed. This doesn't seem to be reported in Retro's infobase. This warrants further investigation.
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