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Somesuch Match/CTF map with a gravity gimmick.

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Over The Speed Limit
It appears I'm alive, for once; and in my time of SRB2 recreation since 2.0's release, I've been toying around with that oh so wonderful Gravity Boots gimmick that EggRock took as its claim to fame.

..Okay, not so much toying around, as "I've an idea", and "Awesome, now what?"


The Premise is very simple: CTF in which the floor has one base, the ceiling another. Now, it isn't going to be this single tower; the tower is one of many means of connecting the ceiling and floor. HOWEVER, the tower does lead to various other gimmicks...


...Hide And Seek...


...Sneak attacks...


...Or Just plain mocking people.

Now, why a topic? The tower's all fine and dandy, but I really need a means to make a full map concept out of this. Sure, there's plenty of Aerial Garden gimmicks to throw around, but I need help with the Execution of these things. Suggest what you like, and I'll show progress.

Current Status:

-> The Tower is solid and complete, and the means of reversing gravity is inside it, half-way up.

-> There WILL be two towers at opposite corners of the map. No worries there.

-> The map WILL be doubled in size when it's complete.

Current Ideas:

-> Water of some means, cascading down (And up) the tower.

Also, as the topic title might suggest, the stage needs a name. Yeah.


A really unique idea with gameplay. I can't wait for a release, it looks like so much fun. I don't think it would work well in CTF mode, though.

Oh, and the third screen reminds me of the intro for Kingdom Hearts 2 for some reason....


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Twisted Tower Zone is the first thing that came to my mind. As for gimmicks, I'll have to keep thinking....


The first thing I thought of when looking at that first screen is the end of Sky Sanctuary Zone in S3&K when Sonic has to run up the collapsing spiral tower.


There and back again~
You're going to want to make the tower have fewer spirals, just for ease of access... and perhaps give an alternate means of climbing it. As for a ideas, that premise actually makes me think of hang castle moreso than anything else. Maybe you could make it a castle type of setup where the player runs across battlements and corridors either upside down or rightside up a'la Stone Tower Temple before climbing one of the towers.

That's all I have for now, looking forward to seeing you make something out of your PoC.

EDIT: Oh, I wouldn't mind seeing some different textures, any more AGZ levels and I'm going to go on a serial hedgehog killing spree. @_@

Princess Plushima

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Honestly, the first thing I think when I see this is giant hourglass.
Actually, that'd be pretty cool, a couple giant hourglasses with sand falling in one direction, as a means to quickly get to the other base.
I was actually thiniking of doing something similar, but with a different theme and method. Seems someone's beating me to the idea :3

Looks nice. I'd give some ideas,but I don't really have any that'd work properly with this theme.


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I sure hope that's not that texture set you plan on using. It's so bland and boring.


Over The Speed Limit
I might change things to a desert motif of sorts, and make the thing an hourglass after all; it was an idea that struck me a few days ago, actually. hm...


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Maybe it's just me, but having the match on a pair of towers seems a little... oh I dunno. Bland? Linear? I can't think of the right word right now but I certaintly wouldn't want to be spending the majority of the match on them.

Here's an idea for now. Instead of making a direct path between the two towers, break the gap with platforms that can be boarded from either gravity orientation, and at least a full room with a few weapons or powerups to fight over. For that you could have both a ramp leading in from top and bottom to allow access, and a few small holes on the cieling and floor for players to throw rings through. Of course, I can't exactly make it clear what I'm talking about without drawing a picture or something, but hopefully you get the jist of it.

Only other thing I can think of right now is make it perfectly clear where the gravity can and can't be flipped. Arbitary gravity changes are not fun. =(


That's one of the most unique design concepts I've seen here in a while. But does it work well in execution? You should probably design a decent CTF map and see how well it plays.


haha what
Well, from what I see, both teams are going to have a sort of base at the tower, and that leaves the question:

Why even bother with the tower if you can just let gravity/antigravity take you to the other end in a few seconds?


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I'm thinking it should be more metal themed with a sector that switches gravity.


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Look STRAIGHT up and down.

You cant. You cant look directly up. This means to shoot someone, you need some SPACE to shoot, which can drag out fights. I dunno... It SEEMS good, but it also seems boring and easy to exploit.


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I like the idea and can't wait for this to get done, but i guess either that desert theme or metal theme could work, maybe a space theme.


The space theme would seem sufficient, but it would be the obvious most used theme in this case.
More originality with a different theme.
Though I hate desert settings, it would go with this very map I would think.
Go for it.


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I tested this with Zarro, and it may be more my lack of control, but I find the reverse gravity is a pain in the ass for steering. Secondly, the lag, even without people joining and not joining, is mad.
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