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SOC++ 1.0.0


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Golden submitted a new resource:

SOC++ - A turing-completeness extension to SOC through Lua-defined Actions.

SOC++ implements what could be best described as assembly code encoded into SOC Actions.
It has several features, including:
  • Up to 8GB read-write dynamic memory per object (2^31 32-bit numbers)
  • Conditional jumping, unconditional and conditional branching.
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Modulo operations.
  • Facilities to print numbers and strings.
  • FIFO stack.
As this is basically its own programming language, there are no screenshots. I can...

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local source code mangler
Ever have a mod simultaneously accepted and rejected? This one-of-a-kind thread was accidentally placed in Rejected Submissions! Fortunately discussion is open now.


local source code mangler
What do you mean by "simply die to run the code"? I died in a level and the code didn't run.
Updated the description to actually instruct you how to run the code, since there are indeed more steps than just running the Lua script and dying.

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