so i cant download 2.2.13


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ive appealed to the system 3 times in the last 2 weeks it still wont lemme
Assuming you're using Windows and this is Windows SmartScreen preventing you from running the file: Find the file you downloaded (perhaps in your Downloads directory, or by right-clicking on the download entry displayed in your Web browser and choosing to open its destination/containing folder). Right-click on the file and choose "Properties" (I believe in Windows 11 you'd have to choose the option to expand the right-click menu first, then you'd have the more comprehensive menu with "Properties" at its bottom). In the "General" tab, find an option named "Unblock" (it should be a checkbox or button) and tick/click it, then click "OK" to save. Then you should be able to run the file.
Optionally, I personally think SmartScreen is a stupid security measure, and if that's what preventing (prevented?) you from running the file, you could look up a guide on the Web to disable SmartScreen. Note that SmartScreen isn't an antivirus, it's a security measure that is separate from Windows Defender (the built-in antivirus of Windows) and from any antivirus you've got installed; as such, if you don't do anything weird, disabling SmartScreen shouldn't cause Windows Defender or your other antivirus, if you've got one, to stop protecting you.
thx man had to move ALL THE ADDONS, ALL THE GAMEDATA and the Config file cuz the patcher shortcut went awry and behaved like an installer for some unknown reason but idc i got 2.2.13 imma go play mrce 0.4.1
Next time if you're having problems with the installer I'd recommend downloading the alternative zip file with all the assets instead.

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