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that one laggy player
Sebo2205 submitted a new resource:

SK Bean - SK Bean, do not confuse with Bean the Dynamite

The blue bean from Sanic Kolours (broken sonic fangame thing i made where i didn't bother to add a sonic model, and yes, it's called "Sanic Kolours") somehow ends up in SRB2

i wanted to submit this but i wasn't sure if it'll actually get through, and i finally decided to do it

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  • Bounce/Stomp
    Press spin in mid-air to start a bounce, if you hold spin, you'll stomp instead
    [ATTACH type="full"...

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Capn. Marsh

CEO at Eggman Enterprises™
I know this is a shitpost character but everything about this play style has been done 10x over before and it, quite frankly, feels extremely boring and unoriginal


that one laggy player
Sebo2205 updated SK Bean with a new update entry:

a few changes

i wasn't actually working on it this whole time, so i randomly decided to do an update
the changes are:
- Nerfed boost, it's still broken, but better than before
- Lowered boost drain rate
- Lowered boost gain from spikes, this means you can no longer fill completely your boost gauge by destroying a few spikes
- Changed up boost gauge
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- Lowered SKBean's height, this fixes some issues in Egg Rock Zone Act 1 and 2
- Dash mode is no longer lost when bouncing

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