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get real
Sebo2205 submitted a new resource:

SK Bean - SK Bean, do not confuse with Bean the Dynamite

The blue bean from Sanic Kolours (broken sonic fangame thing i made where i didn't bother to add a sonic model, and yes, it's called "Sanic Kolours") somehow ends up in SRB2

i wanted to submit this but i wasn't sure if it'll actually get through, and i finally decided to do it

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  • Bounce/Stomp
    Press spin in mid-air to start a bounce, if you hold spin, you'll stomp instead
    [ATTACH type="full"...

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Capn. Marsh

CEO at Eggman Enterprises™
I know this is a shitpost character but everything about this play style has been done 10x over before and it, quite frankly, feels extremely boring and unoriginal


get real
Sebo2205 updated SK Bean with a new update entry:

a few changes

i wasn't actually working on it this whole time, so i randomly decided to do an update
the changes are:
- Nerfed boost, it's still broken, but better than before
- Lowered boost drain rate
- Lowered boost gain from spikes, this means you can no longer fill completely your boost gauge by destroying a few spikes
- Changed up boost gauge
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- Lowered SKBean's height, this fixes some issues in Egg Rock Zone Act 1 and 2
- Dash mode is no longer lost when bouncing

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Kirb The Korb
i can't thing nothing other than pipis when playing this mod,jokes aside, it's a great mod

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