Six-shooter Fang

Six-shooter Fang 1.0

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Six-shooter Fang - A Psychokinetic Super Form for Fang!

Created from a coding accident.. I present to you, Six-shooter Fang!! A Super Form for Fang that involves using Homing Corks to defeat your foes.

Transform in the usual way to use some of your new moveset.

- Use your Cork gun to load up 6 corks that orbit around you.

- Using your gun again will shoot any remaining corks outwards in a spiral.

- Press SPIN mid-air to launch a homing cork an enemy in range.

- If you don't want to stop and reload your 6 corks using your gun.. They'll...

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Cobaltn't 's Unwanted Twin, The Sapphire Blur!
Super Fang but better, this is just perfection at its finest, good job

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