Single Player-only voting (Round 1 2021)

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Oh, What a Flopnik!
June has been an eventful month with lots of things to pay attention to! Despite the commotion, I didn't want to miss out on the OLDC, so I portioned out time as comfortable as I could make it for me
  1. Falcon Emissary Zone ~ InferNOr
    Cool texturing. The amount of Badniks in some areas is a bit much admittedly. It had me a little lost the first time when I was curious and straying from the main path it's trying to direction you in. Wind may be too strong for its own good, however the one gimmick of restraining jumping with the fans blowing down on you hard and you having to make do was neat
  2. Hollow Hill Zone, Act 1 ~ Othius & Inazuma & Spectorious
    Noting that this only has been baked for about one week in the Zone Builder oven, this surprisingly is one of the remarkable look-sees in this contest. I like the creativity with the fluid and how you interact with it, and it's real fun when it increases your speed while walking in it. Detailed as the level is, it in fact also is not a hard quest to find a few areas that are uhrm... hollow, and with bare detailing; though like again, I think that's understandable taking into account this was created in ¼th of a month. I'm shocked it already starts to be intense graphically for the laptop I'm using to play it on
  3. Ante-Station Zone ~ Twins'R
    Axis2D level! Really cool angles, and sure was defying Euclidean space too. Oh my GODS though, I was so reliant on the dropshadow in regards to the orbiting platforms; they're similar to how they function in Classic Sonic's Act 1 of Sky Sanctuary in Generations, being able to stand on them but not actually moving in tandem with them in the same manner. I also was befuzzled with the right path of the "Choose One ↼ ⇁" area, because there are floors which damage you yet I absolutely couldn't tell those was damaging, due to the texture, of which I swear I saw before earlier in the map and didn't hurt me then
  4. Fort Sunset Zone ~ DylanDude
    Simple collect-a-thon, they appease me for whatever reasoning. Cute graphics
  5. Mercury Mine Zone ~ Rexeljet
    Areas in spots may want some detail. The usage of the namesake hydrargyrum with this Zone is quite interesting to me. In my opinion, ring depletion is very fitting and makes sense for the properties of a liquid type like elemental mercury. Mad as a hatter (in a good way) with some multiple paths
  6. Abyss Caverns Zone ~ yyeellooww1
    Abyssal, cavernous
  7. Ridge Rapids Zone ~ particle
    Some graphical problems like the hall of mirrors effect apparent at the beginning. I don't get the point with the points monitors all around, pun intended. Feel as though it can be difficult to traverse at a few parts, particularly the ending
  8. Koopa Kastle Zone ~ glaber
    Pretty sure it was one of the 2015 OLDCs I voted on where I last played a glaber map, and I remember some distinct assertions among the community with the advent of slopes at that time, glaber maps "finally making sense" when utilizing slopes, or something to that effect. Thinking back that far ago is starting to get fuzzy for me. I can allow a mulligan here since the point is it looking like NES Mario but in 3D... though... well, you include the Super Mario Maker 2 Course ID, I ought to mention, doesn't that game also incorporate slopes as a new feature too, just like SRB2 2.2 showing them off as a new addition in a similar fashion? Lastly, Brak's advanced robotechnics is a bit ill-fit for a """kastle""" theming and aesthetically clashes with Bowser's fortifications, whereas Egg Colosseum makes all the more sense and probably could even blend in sufficiently, if a boss had to be reused
  9. Blizzard Bastion Zone ~ PhilJFou
    Rough not just around the edges. I feel like most uses of Badniks in the map were just to have a lot of them in an area and try to fill it up. Frame dips are apparent, especially during when you climb the 45-degree-angled-diagonally-down water current. And... when I got the Attraction Shield in the area after it, for some reason the rings on the carpet only got pulled into me when I face a certain way? Really can't come to a conclusion as to why
  10. Lava Temple ~ Vixuzen
    Eerie vibes are not what I expect from a lava temple, but I enjoy that atmosphere about it. The puzzles I found to be frustrating without checkpoints where I think at least one or two could be placed to not have to grudge through the whole lengthy entirety of one when you lose a life. I don't like the design of there being an ever-present hurting wall. Speaking of, in Metal Sonic's part, why does jumping into that one breakable wall hurt, but spindashing into it doesn't, but then I have to not keep continuing to spin or I'll get crushed since I couldn't see past the breakable wall crumbling for a second? Brother
  11. Zaxel's Thunder Yard ~ Chaolino
    I have got nothing really useful to utter besides I hazard a guess that it was marginally better than the author's previous OLDC entry. Worthwhile to point out both maps had single-handedly led to OLDC patches solely addressing something problematic and correcting it, issues which personally were about on the same par of irksome
  12. Teal Tundra Zone ~ SunCyclone
    Roomy house I moved to, but the loaded U-Haul trucks aren't there yet to adequately make it feel lived-in
  13. Bombastic Beach Zone ~ NeonSRB2
    So, so short, in addition to just being so-so. Expansion and lengthening of the time spent here can help this become more of a Bombastic Beach as opposed to a Briefness Beach
  14. Music Mash Zone ~ WasifBoomz
    Leans more on being a mash of color since ironically the MIDI is in a frequency only being audible to moths. Apart from the ultrasonic hearing range of the map's music you have to pick up with lepidopteran eardrums, it is markedly a general improvement in level design over Hypertower and Aquatic Port
  15. Drenched Dam Zone ~ Voidy2246
    This laid a lot of mental weight on me not just for its cramped size being made for maze mice and inexplicable invisible walls when I should just be let to have freedom, but the music choice was out in one of the leftest fields
  16. Emerald Glade Zone, Act 1 ~ DoodlesYT
    Apart from other things, the most of what I would want from this is to make the Shards not that simple to find

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