• The Official Level Design Contest is back! For those not in the know, the Official Level Design Contest (OLDC for short) is a contest held multiple times a year, accepting maps of all kinds, from all users, to compete against one another. During the voting process, voters are encouraged to leave feedback on every level they have played, which makes the contest a very effective way to get constructive criticism on your levels, allowing you to figure out what you might need to do in order to improve.

    Basically, if you want to get into level designing, if you're already an experienced designer, or if you're somewhere inbetween, join the contest! Show your work, get enough eyes on it, let people give you ideas and feedback, and you might even win the coveted title of Contest Winner!

    Please read over all the rules carefully, even if you were around during previous contests. Some rules have been changed, mostly for more leniency, and you may be happy to see some of the changes, especially if you're a fan of creating custom content!


    1. Make sure that the level works properly, that it is normally accessible, and that it does not interfere with other levels. This means that:
      • Single Player levels need to be completable, and show up as the first level when starting a new game.
      • Multiplayer levels need to have enough player starts, and need to be accessible via level select.
      • Existing resources (textures, objects, sounds, music, etc.) can not be overwritten.
      • Any scripts present in your level must not interfere with other levels. If your level contains significant gameplay changes, please ensure that they are contained solely within your level slot using a MapLoad hook. In this case, please notify us in your submission post.
    2. Previously released levels are not allowed. Private testing is allowed (and encouraged!), but the level must not have been released on the MB or elsewhere.
    3. The level has to be your own work. This means that ports, remakes and edits of existing levels are not allowed, unless the original level is yours. In such a case, the level should be sufficiently different from your original level.
    4. Aside from the Single Player division, the following Multiplayer divisions are present in the contest:
      • Circuit
      • Match (with support for SRB2 Battle's Control Point and Diamond in the Rough gametypes)
      • Capture the Flag (with support for Battle CTF)
      • SRB2 Battle's Arena
    5. Each participant can submit one level to the Single Player division, and up to three levels to each Multiplayer division. Collaborations are allowed, but fall under the same entry limits.
    6. Custom assets and scripts are allowed! Custom sound and music is also allowed. This sound and music must be under 3 MB total. This filesize limit is shared between all of your Multiplayer entries.

    To submit your level, create a new thread in the Contest Submissions subforum. If you submit multiple entries, each one requires its own thread. Entries are due twice per year, at 23:59 UTC (18:59 EST), which means the deadlines are as follows:
    • OLDC Round 1: June 1st
    • OLDC Round 2: December 1st
    After each deadline, all entries are gathered into two files. One contains the Single Player entries in a small hub world, with a map voting system courtesy of the SUGOI series. The other contains the Multiplayer entries, reorganized into a map rotation per division. Within one week, these files will be compiled and uploaded for the public to play through, which kicks off the voting period of two weeks. During this time, a discussion thread for the contest will also be opened. Once the voting period is over, the votes will be counted and the results will be made public as soon as possible.

    1. To vote, make a thread in the Contest Voting subforum. It will be private during the voting period, and will be made public alongside the results.
    2. The actual voting is done by ranking all entries of a division, from favorite to least favorite. You don't have to vote on all divisions!
    3. Participants voting on a division they have entered are required to rank their own entry first.
    4. When providing comments or reviews, remember to keep it constructive!

    Now get out there and get mapping! Don't be afraid to show off your progress. Good luck and have fun!

Single Player-only voting (Autumn 2020)

Llitechiel ꙮ

Oh, What a Flopnik!
But it's January

  1. Shadow of Aztlan Zone ~ akirahedgehog
    I think it's the maps that extrude personality in addition to looking and playing great that are the ones I enjoy the most and win me over. There is so much put to the scenery and aesthetics here, it's amazing. A lot to appreciate, and appeals to me since I enjoy ancient ruins and things far in the past that create wonders and questions that permeate and linger in your mind about its meaning and how it came to be, more to the extent than what Shadow of Atlantis did last OLDC, in my opinion. So many custom Things too! I am someone whom stops to admire all the effort that's put into the type of map such as this, so maybe an other more impatient person turning a blind eye to it all would argue the map may not have a boatload of gameplay, but I like to think of it as akin to visiting a museum
  2. Emerald Aether Zone ~ Krabs
    It's got some wonderful geometry and plenty of pathways. Very akin to the vanilla campaign, maybe even screaming Sonic-y level design more than them. The expert slope usage is my favorite part about it
  3. Foliage Furnace Zone ~ Kwiin & Kanna
    As opposed to Metallic Madness last season, this time there's a lot of substance to this. Multiple pathways and things to explore. If this is a 1:1 recreation of the zone in After the Sequel but in 3D then I might consider playing that
  4. Gate Garden Zone ~ Ruberjig
    A lesser of an exception for the maze, but I had a blast traveling through the map. Surprised to learn this doesn't actually come from anything, and I enjoy what I most-seemingly think is a Saturn/PlayStation 1-aesthetic game I can pretend I'm imagining this is as I'm playing. Interesting slope usage
  5. Azlant Ruin Zone ~ Gambit
    While that was a bit of a chugster, and noting a few graphics quirks, that was an awesome challenge. Although in a few points, it may be slightly cryptic even with the notifications and I unintentionally will backtrack. Definitely something to be played with multiple characters though, a clear effort with different pathways was made to suit all of them. When it comes to water here, I think anything above it is less of a challenge than if you're in it
  6. Galactic Facility Zone ~ Mondongo
    Decent and fun challenge provided here, particularly with low gravity. Navigation is told adequately. I like the textures
  7. Pagoda Park ~ Rogerregorroger
    Could have some areas widened up I think, but it's fairly pretty looking. I guess um... this is what it's like to take those animations and try to capture the same sorta essence of them in a SRB2 custom map? Although it's been years and I'm fairly past being a kid watching them as I did now and again then. I think any time an invisible wall is placed though, a secret could afford to be there
  8. Overgrown Heights Zone, Act 2 ~ InferNOr
    I like this about as much as I did Act 1 previously. The pathwaying though is a little confusing sometimes, especially with how much foliage there is. A lot of these Ring Monitors have got to chill. The softlocking water pool was not a good time
  9. Knothole Coast Zone 1 ~ Apollyon
    Not a lot occurred here, but it sure is pretty
  10. Alabaster Fountain Zone ~ BronsoKip
    So despite the graphical quirks and incomplete-looking nature (static waterfalls, etc.), it was alright. The level design is actually unexpectedly cool sometimes, particularly the short moments involving water skipping. A few more textures, fix-ups and shades of white might make this an ala-blast-er
  11. Fatal ⅎactory Zone ~ Kuba11
    I'm not sure about making these gimmicks persist throughout the entire Zone, but it doesn't go on for too long so it's dealable for me. Why is that Force Shield Monitor in the last section Golden when it's preceding a situation where I can't possibly go back for it? Plus, the amount of Extra Life Monitors also make me think I'm in for something mega difficult when it kinda isn't
  12. Dark Marsh ~ Vixuzen
    There being this huge death pit throughout a good portion of the map, with how cramped it is sometimes, puts me off a bit. Learning that it's instakill had me be really careful about landing where there's already little room to land, as well as badniks taking about a quarter of the space. A little cheap. I did not know Robo-Hood arrows could pop other badniks, though that happening at all is probably a tell there shouldn't be so many of them. The texturework here is cool
  13. Square City Zone May Be Split Into Acts And Maybe This Is Between 1 And 3 ~ Riolucariolu
    A disconnect was forming in my mind between the homey uptown look of the map and how there are like no significant inhabitants apart from badniks first appearing midway into playing it. Did coronavirus hit this place hard and everyone had to leave upstate? It's not totally sparse but I think there's plenty of space that is not really used the best it could have been
  14. Hakuryu Dojo ~ Zaxel
    I almost never comment on music choice since it's subjective, but when I start to mesh the first tune that plays with the spelling mistakes my keen eye notices, to no fault to the creator, it makes me think of bootleg Chinese NES cartridges of fighting games. The challenges are alright, I get the premise of the gauntlet at the end, and I'm extremely thankful for whichever of the two updates to the OLDC_Autumn2020_SP .PK3 let me actually win the final battle, because I hated how it just would not die the first time. Otherwise I'm sorry to say I didn't get a super kick out of this
  15. Aquatic Port Zone ~ WasifBoomz
    The cryptic nature of those challenges and unexplained causes and effects left me frustrated. You have to be Sid the Science Kid for this if you want to understand how this thing worked, why does that stuff change, how does that do what it just did, hm! I think trying to go for easier conveyance would be a start, as it was difficult trying to understand what to do
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