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Togen submitted a new resource:

Simple AnimaL - simple animation Lua that puts power in your hands.

Simple AnimaL (simple animation Lua) is a reusable script made to give everybody easy but powerful control over how characters animate. Characters have Sequences defined which lists which frames to use in which order, and additional Hooks that run every tick influence the character's animation by calling for specific named Sequences. Want to make an animated goalpost? You can do that. Want to use a specific set of frames when you're underwater? You can also do that. The world is your...

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Togen updated Simple AnimaL with a new update entry:

it's not my fault

  • Made a workaround for a hardcode bug that would cause Simple AnimaLs with extended frames to corrupt the graphics for all racers, even those without Lua.
  • Fixed newer versions of the script not being able to overwrite the base thinker for the older versions. Update to v1.1 immediately (the SRB2 Amy demo's update has been submitted and may not be immediately available for download.)
  • Added helper functions for simple checks like being giant, moving backwards, etc. In the case...

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SAL? What's That?
I am not using the acronym "SAL" because there's already a Kart Krew member who is known by a similar name, and because this is a game about funny anthropomorphic animals with simple designs ("simple animals", see?) riding go-karts.

I encourage you to read through the overview for Simple AnimaL and then follow up with questions if there's something that is confusing or unclear.

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