Silveonpack 2.1.1

Everything here seems to check out, welcome to releases! Although, I'd suggest mentioning that this is a SRB2 Battle mod, people might get confused about it.
Yo, your download link for 1.1 seems to be broken. It just downloads the BattleMod addon instead.
Silveon22 updated Silveonpack with a new update entry:

2.1.1: Some Minor Tweaks

Changelog for 2.1.1

-Changed the sky that belongs to Elemental skies and Tri-layer Gluttony Zone
-Added a few springs to Tri-layer Gluttony Zone
-Added 3 pillars to Elemental Skies to represent each element

Planned for 2.2.0

-Update or Rework Toxic Ocean Zone
-Give Tri-layer Gluttony Zone it's own sky texture
-New maps
-Maybe more...

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