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Shields seem to determine their vertical position relative to the player based on whether the player is jumping/spinning or not, rather than the actual state or animation that the player is in. This may not be considered a bug, but it can still look odd in some cases, especially with custom characters.

Attached is an example. The Tails character in the screenshot cannot spindash and is switched into his spin frames upon jumping to make it clear that he can damage enemies. The shield seems to be positioning itself as if he were still in his normal no-spin-jump frames, however, and thus isn't centered on him.


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What if characters have nospinjump or a different animation other than spin ? If shieldoffsets get added, players should be able to set them(andthe size of the shields) in the player wads.


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Unless I'm mistaken, the shield's position is relative to the player's height; merely forcing the player into a spinning animation doesn't change the player's actual height.
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