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antonretrojr submitted a new resource:

Shield Abilities - Not a shield you wanted? No problem.

Ever wanted to change your ability on the fly, even without a shield?
Now you can, with...
Shield Abilities

After adding the add-on, you're one command away from choosing your Shield Ability:
shieldability <ability>: change your ability to one of the Shields'. Use 'none' to revert back to your default.
Available options are as follows:
AbilityCommand optionsGifDescription

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Can you still go Super with this enabled since you have to transform by pressing spin midair without a shield?
The abilities are used by pressing Jump mid-air, not Spin (this add-on specifically, not the actual Shields). So yes, Super transformation is still an option.

You can even combine two of the Shields' abilities if you want to, now that I think about it

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