Fixed Segment Violation When Playing a Song

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Larz T

While implementing music for my wad, I was going to test out this new song I had just put in to see if the loop is okay. And all the sudden when I enter in the tunes number, SRB2 crashes with the error message: signal_handler(): segment violation.

I have no idea what to do. I did everything correctly and Audacity exported the music as an .ogg file without any errors. Also, I'm not in a level trying to enter in the tune number. I am on the title screen.

EDIT: I have at least 23 other music files on the wad that actually work all in .ogg files that all loop.
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Check all of them in XWE and try and compare them and see if all of them are exactly the same as that one that caused the segment violation. I'm sure there is another solution, but that is the only one I could think of right now.

Shadow Hog

I sincerely doubt he inserted the same song multiple times.

I'm moving this to Bug Reports. Not sure if it's a duplicate, although it reminds me of a bug I encountered just prior to 2.0 going live, that never got fixed.

An EIP from errorlog.txt would be nice, btw. Better yet, if you could upload a WAD with the offending music file in it so I could test it against 2.1...
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