Sebo2205's custom HUD thing

Sebo2205's custom HUD thing v1.6.3


that one laggy player
Sebo2205 updated Sebo2205's custom HUD thing with a new update entry:

Version 1.6

  • Console variables now have the hud_ prefix
  • Added hud_lives variable, this changes the appareance of the lives counter (0: icon only, 1: icon and character hudname, 2: icon and character realname, 3: icon and player name)
  • Boss health is back, but better this time
    View attachment 55068
  • Smoother 0 ring warning for ring counter
    View attachment 55064
  • Speedometer now also shows your speed as fracunits per tic...

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Saturn Ross

The Local Bird-Brain
Love the new animations and extra touches! Sadly, the boss HUD doesn't properly fit no matter if I play on my usual 1080p nor green resolutions. And while I really love how the boss' sprite appears on the hud directly, Metal Sonic appears on the hud using the green skincolour.


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